auditBus - Audit Content Management

The Software-Service solution for efficient monitoring of standard conformity by audits, inspections und revision. 

auditBus is a data driven application to record and maintain data using questionnaires as audit-guidance. It enables direct evaluation of whole data and automatic distribution of checklists and results in large organisations based on user roles.

auditBus comprises an objekt-oriented database, developed on the LAMP - Stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL und PHP), the most popular open source plattform for cloud applications.

Technology has proven its worth since many years in practise with large testing organisations. You can try the SaaS out now. Contact us. We'll be happy to support you.

Your Questionnaires, Reports, Users and Locations will be available on auditBus in a few days. Different extension levels can be adjusted to changing budgets or needs at any time.

Use cases


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Safety management

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Case presentation

How came auditBus up?


In 2004 we needed a solution for Computer-Assited-Telephone-Interviews, that handles conditional branching of questionnaires. Our goal was complete recompilation of the call agents interface depending on course of conversation. We neither wanted to verify each and every record (really painstaking work), nor completely rely on cleverness of call agents.

Something of this kind didn't exist. So we programmed our own object-oriented database, providing this skill. Due to Co-operations with testing organisations we had the chance to develop a more powerful Framework for efficient working with guidelines and questionnaires.


2004  :  Development of database structure and algorithms to process CATI - questionnaires.
2007  :  Implementation of user roles and personal assignment of checklists for workshop testing.
2012  :  Development of scoring and evaluations based on questionnaires and introduction of content layer.
2019  :  auditBus SAAS available.


What can auditBus do?

In numbers:

approx. 50.000   Audits, inspections and revisions in various sectors e.g. automotive, education, engineering, gastronomy, nutrition and sports.
approx. 200   Different standards in guidelines and questionnaires.
> 900   Users carrying out audits.