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Do you perform audits on your subsidiaries, partners, supplier?

We provide your own auditBus-Domain on one of our web-servers for an agreed period or unlimited, with monthly renewal. This includes initial setup of sites, users (manager, auditors and users with read access) and questionnaires, agreement about organisational and processual arrangements, competences and intodruction into system usage.

Your benefits are significantly reduced administrative work, clearly defined and documented processes, consistent standards in auditing and documentation, high data integrity and central project control.

Immediate results streamline audit-process and enables instant planning of corrective actions from audit.

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auditBus is the evolution of an inhouse solution for Computer-Assited-Telephone-Interviews in 2004 which was already able to handle conditioned branching and recompile questionnaires based on course of conversation.

Collaboration with TUV Rheinland 2007 made it necessary to carry our object-oriented database further and develop a framework for conformity checks and inspections using audit guidance and questionnaires.

2004  :  Development of database structure and algorithms to process questionnaires in Call-Centers.
2007  :  Implementation of user roles and personal assignment of checklists for workshop testing with TUV Rheinland.
2012  :  Development of scoring and evaluations based on questionnaires and introduction of content layer for 2'nd party audits of DEKRA.
2019  :  auditBus SAAS.