Each time a user gets logged in, his accessible content-layers get compiled based on unfinished questionnaires and directly assigned locations and layers.



Scheduling assessments

Schedule is designed mainly for auditors, to plan visits and show the project efforts. Current appointments will be added to the system just by dragging the listed assessments of the auditor from the left above a desired date. But leadauditors, administrators and customers can observe visits for a selected month.



Gathering data online

Easiest method to enter data into questionnaires is using the portal. Gather data is really easy: Just select options from the list of possible answers or fill in required text and send data. Your data is transmitted to the server, stored into the database and the whole questionnaire is rebuilt in order to call the next question. In case of filtered questions, these will be shown or hidden based on the given answer.

For each question, as many comments or evidences as necessary, for example images or Documents (PDF), may be added.