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auditBus provides a framework to process large amounts of checklists by different auditors, project managers and customers within one software solution. Avoid unnecessary error sources caused by heterogeneous technologies and join all resources in a single system.

Fast, efficient, reliable and easy to use.

Roll out your audits just by arranging locations, questionnaires and sites. Experts schedule on site inspections autonomous and collect data online by using the web browser or offline with smartphone or tablet. Track progress within the system and get all questionnaires, reports and interim analyses any time. 

auditBus connects:

  • Locations
  • Users
  • Checklists

Locations are objects you want to inspect. These are mostly sites like warehouses, shops, workshops, offices or any other organisational or technical unit that can be physically visited.

Users are mainly auditors visiting locations and collect data.

Checklists define stuff to be inspected and some object related informations for evaluation and report.

auditBus turns this informations into objects for auditing and provides individual tools for each user in order to get the job done. Without installation of additional software, directly within Firefos or Chrome and on almust any hardware.

There is generally no need to further alignment of any content or responsibility outside of auditBus. Everything is handled within your cloud.