auditBus supports distribution of questionnaires among your team without overlaps and complete control of correctness, completeness and efforts.

Auditors get direct access to all locations, containing empty checklists assigned to their personal id. 

Administrators, leadauditors and customers get access by assignment of one or multiple content layer(s).

Assigned checklists and content layers determine access to locations and sites. User roles ( administrator, auditor or customer ) determine available methods and functions.



For optimal usability and performance, users get nothing but tools needed to complete their tasks.

Auditors usually doesn't get content layers assigned because they are already owners of assigned checklists and get access to sites and locations this way, as long as they don't have any further obligations. Access of auditors to specific sites expires automatically at completion of the questionnaire.

Leadauditors have to organize teams and efforts. To allow permanent access, you just have to add these auditors to related content layer(s). In combination with the user role, they get extended rights, may add checklists to locations, assign auditors and see statistics - but not the right to delete anything or change content of different auditors.

Administrators have full access to the System including right to edit any content. Administrator's rights are only limited

Viewer-Role (or: Customer) do have read access to reports, questionnaires in progress and overall evaluation. They may not execute operations, writing to the database.