Event safety

Auditing safety at big events must demonstrate that all legal requirements as well as official requirements raised by the federation have been implemented:

  • Necessary organisational preconditions have been created, roles and responsibilities have been defined and positions are filled during events.
  • Official permits and required approvals can be shown.
  • Technical and personal equipment is available and in good condition.
  • Cooperation between different units is efficient and communication guaranteed.

Comprehensive view of all aspects includes documentary checks, interviews and on site inspections. During the event taking place, this can be completed only by teams.

Optimization of safety during football matches is a continuous process, to be accompanied on the long run, by action plans and monitoring implementation for example.



Project focus

  • Several experts carry out the audit as a team. Each auditor works with his own copy of the questionnaire. Whenever necessary, these different copys have to be consolidated and summarized into one report. Different results have to be compared and a decision has to be taken and multiple evidences must be collected. Finally existing gaps have to be filled.
  • Deviations should be eliminated by proposal of appropriate measures and realization has to be supervised. To achieve this, on finalization of the audit, an action plan has to be set up. Action plans should be processed online, in collaboration with concerned organisations.
  • Reports must provide clear and comprehensive overview about entire result and all findings. This includes an individual SWOT Analysis, condensed management informations, and final gradings for each tested sector.


Advantages by use of Audit Content Management Systems

  • "Merge" of multiple questionnaires assists compilation of abstracts without loss of information at the touch of a button. No searching, page turning or manual copying.
  • Action plans are generated from findings, documented in the guideline any time and any place. These can be shared and dealt with by teams.
  • Report Templates provide individual layout according to the project outlines but also guarantee consistent appearance. Percentages of KPI's can easily be translated to a different scale. On finalization of an audit on site, reports are almost ready. Revisions are limited to a minimum.