Workshop test

The next visit of some representative customer gets covertly accompanied. You want to:

  • check provided service against brand prerequisites and market's standards.
  • measure fullfillments of service standards.

Objective criteria usually is covered with standard products like minor or major inspektion, or seasonal checks. These services are mostly based on clear specifications. Service-standards are usually defined in contract between brand and garages as well.

Deviations from performance specifications or other brand standards lead to deduction of points up to exclusion from brand. Significant deviations measured in all over result give important hints where action may be required.



Project focus

  • Due to serious consequences, the final evaluation report has to give certain evidence. Related to quality of repair and conformity, this is usually achieved by before- / after-photo um to prove necessity, as well as proper and professional execution. Evidence has to be doubtlessly assigned to related questions.
  • Guideline (=questionnaire) should be in full accordance to the tested product. Concerning scope of work of any inspection and/or seasonal check and characteristics of certain cars regarding the related service checklist.
  • Scoring has to picture size and weight of certain services in relation to maximum average. More extensive works should weight one single working step more tolerant as if it were part of a simpler checklist.


Advantages by use of Audit Content Management Systems

  • Avoid errors by transmission of results between various systems.
  • More reliable evidence through images and documents, recorded in unique operation together with the guideline/ questionnaire (on Smartphone or Tablet).
  • Relief of experts from preliminary and follow-up work like assembling documents and type into different systems.
  • Savings made in back offices through rationalisation and automated reports.